Who we are

CWIMA is a non-profit organization for Christian women who are actively working in media: TV, Radio, Film, Internet/Social Media, Music, Journalism, Publishing/Author, the Arts and Entertainment

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What we do

CWIMA provides networking, training, inspiration and mentoring for Christian women working in media through five regional connections and local connections held 4 times throughout the year, and an annual Global Media Summit. There is membership available at various levels. The President’s Club level includes a speaker’s bureau to help promote and place professional speakers.

Our Events

Why us?

CWIMA is a unique organization geared specifically to Christian women working in media. There are lots of organizations for professional women, Christian women and media but this is the only major organization of its kind dedicated specifically to Christian women in media.

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Connect with other media professionals | Develop new skills through education and training
Collaborate with other members to further your projects



September 19 — November 21 — January 16 — March 19
All cities meet simultaneously 4 times a year

Prayer Requests

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